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A family that cares and willing to share the history of a small community news print office - thank you ! ( I even recall setting type by hand, one letter at a time, and placing it in what was called a Platen Press. ) And there it was, a Platen Press, in this print shop. I can now take my grandchildren here and show them what I once did.  
Thank you Rich and your family for making "history " alive again for many of us to recall from our lifetimes and share with others who missed this period of development.

Brings back great memories when I was a printing major in high school. Haven't had my hands in printers ink for over 50 years. I must come down soon and spend some time with you.


Just toured the museum this afternoon - really coming along nicely! Lots of great progress, especially with the upper floor and displays up there. Look forward to coming back again soon.


This is the coolest thing ever! You guy's rock! Thanks for sharing these memories with all of us here in Vermilion and beyond!


Such an incredible place! Great display of history in printing.


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